Miracle Grow Hose End Sprayer – Review and looking for opinions
June 2, 2011, 5:50 am
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Last weekend I went to Wally World looking for a Miracle Grow hose-end sprayer to mix up my “garden hooch” to kill bugs.  (It is all organic and I can post the recipe another time).  I was looking for the kind MG has always had, but this is the only one available, so I bought it.

The reservoir looks smaller than the old ones they used to make, but I like the spray choices.  However there was no straw-like tube inside to suck that sucks up the contents of the reservoir. I thought that odd, but I had to get the bug hooch on the plants, so I used it anyway.

I noticed at first the solution that came out onto the plants was EXTREMELY HEAVY with the hooch; almost as if it was not diluting with the water at all.  I sprayed plants until no more hooch came out onto the plants, but I noticed the reservoir was still full of  probably plain water. With all the old sprayers, you could tell when you needed to refill the reservoir because it emptied.

So apparently either this sprayer doesn’t work well and I don’t recommend it, or it did not come with the tube that sucks up the product you want to spray.  However if it did need the tube, how did the hooch get sucked up and sprayed out?

Anyone got any insights?


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